agreement 13 septembre 2019

what is QP exactly?

QP is an ambitious project that researches and documents activity within the plus-size fashion markets locally (Montréal) and internationally.  QP exists to stimulate economic activity within the local plus-size fashion market.  QP will attempt to drive the design, manufacture, marketing and sale of plus-size fashion for plus-size women so that we have more plus-size fashion, and more exciting plus-size fashion, at different price points, with the net effect of democratizing plus-size fashion for plus-size women. Wow, that was a lot of “plus-sizes”. Moving forward, I think I’ll just use the word “plus”.  

what sizes are considered “plus”?

Precisely which sizes are implied by the term “plus” changes dramatically depending on who you are within the industry.  Haute couture, prêt-a-porter and American retail all have different criteria.  For the purpose of this project, the American retail definition rules. Because of “vanity sizing”, however, a “size 14” QP model may be a little smaller, or a little larger, than a Misses size 14. A little confusing, eh?

what does QP do?

QP cultivates relationships with forward-thinking plus fashion industry professionals (the “Client”) that are, but not necessarily limited to, fashion retailers, retail realty management companies, fashion wholesalers, manufacturers, designers, stylists, illustrators, photographers, make-up artists, promoters, event planners, as well as beauty salons, spas and cosmetic companies; 

QP cultivates relationships with plus fashion models (the “QP Model”) seeking short-term employment contracts (the “Assignment”) with QP (the “Model Agent”) as employer, or with a third party (the Client) in the role of employer;

QP facilitates the introduction (the “Introduction”) of the QP Model to the Client, whether that introduction is digital, or in person;

QP facilitates the plus fashion “Assignment” for which QP and the Client collaborate under terms and conditions that are mutually agreeable, on location at the Client’s place of business, in a photographer’s studio, a rented studio or conference room (ie Breather), or outdoors.    


The QP Model and QP, as Model Agent, will coordinate their activity for Assignments in their mutual self-interest and share in any revenue related to that activity.  

QP holds permanently the sole copyright for the QP Model’s photography and that copyright will be identified as such (always in the metadata of the digital photo, but visibly at the discretion of QP).  QP Models are invited to share their QP fashion photography through social media to celebrate their new status as Fashion Model.

QP Model photographs will be featured at, promoted on QP social media such as, but not necessarily limited to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter; and used in advertisements to promote QP and recruit QP Models.  

If and when an Assignment is proposed, the QP Model will have the proposed remuneration, date, location, hours, creative atmosphere, transportation, refreshments and/or meals during the Assignment.  The QP Model is free to accept, decline and/or negotiate the terms of any Assignment, at the time the Assignment is presented for her consideration.  When the QP Model accepts an Assignment with QP, she is also accepting the terms of the Assignment that have been communicated.  

The QP Model accepts QP to function in the role of Model Agent for the duration of the Assignment.   And, once an Introduction has been made, the QP Model accepts to refrain from direct contact with the Client for the purpose of employment that eliminates QP as Model Agent under the terms of this Agreement, for the duration of this Agreement, and, for a period of six months (6 months) following the termination of this Agreement, in writing, for any reason.  

QP invests resources to develop critical relationships with fashion industry professionals locally.  These relationships are nurtured as the foundation for the existence and economic profitability of QP and guarded as proprietary business “assets”.  QP Models are asked to please consider it inappropriate to make arrangements directly with these professionals for future assignments without the knowledge and consent of QP.  We thank you for this professional discretion.  


The QP Model represents the plus woman.  She assumes the significance of a muse in the design, production, styling and communication of the art that is fashion. With respect to that significance, she priorities her health, emotional as well as physical, takes above-average pride in her appearance, has high standards for personal grooming, makes a concerted effort to please the professionals with whom she collaborates and welcomes those opportunities with enthusiasm. She anticipates Assignments with extra care in her grooming, neutral-coloured make-up tastefully applied, selects attractive and very well-fitting undergarments, arrives promptly and gives the Assignment her full attention.  She is particularly admired for her willingness to undergo a temporary cosmetic transformation as proposed for the Assignment.


The QP Model and/or QP can terminate this Agreement, for any reason and at any time, in writing. It’s that simple.  


Interested? Go ahead and acknowledge your consent of the terms of this agreement with the following: “I read, understand, and accept the terms of the QP agreement, dated 13 September 2019, as it appears at” Please confirm your full, legal name. Now the magic begins.