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Why Use Non-Professional Plus Fashion Models?


Why Use Non-Professional Plus Fashion Models?

Ellen Pascal

The short answer is: because the use of professional plus fashion models would exclude you.    

Professional fashion models are typically selected for their exceptional youth, health, symmetry, posture, colouring and self-confidence.  They become "models" for the rest of us precisely because they are "atypical".     

Quatorze Plus Montreal, a trilingual online plus women's fashion hub, seeks non-professional plus (size 14 and higher) fashion models for online photographic fashion editorials: an exploration of trends in grooming and fashion, that will help define the Montreal plus woman. 

The paid Quatorze Plus Montreal photo assignment will be 3 to 4 hours in duration. If you are the right model for this assignment, please communicate with Ellen Pascal  (click on the little envelope icon at the top right).  If you know the right model for this assignment, and your proposed model is hired by Quatorze Plus Montreal, you will be compensated for the referral.

Curious about the criteria for Quatorze Plus Montreal fashion modelling?  About the compensation?  Ellen has all that information for you.