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Quatorze Plus Cryogenically Frozen Temporarily


Quatorze Plus Cryogenically Frozen Temporarily

Ellen Pascal

This is an update on the Quatorze Plus fashion project. I have had a rather unfortunate fall this past Sunday morning while out sightseeing my own neighbourhood with a camera.  I have slipped on the concealed ice and broken my right arm.  I am right-handed.

Tempoarily I must refrain from most of the activities that sustain the project. Please forgive this imposed slow-down. It is my earnest hope that you not lose faith in the project, and that you continue to follow it with your curiousity and enthusiasm, and that you brace yourselves for some changes as this project morphs into something new.  Thank you for being the essence of Quatorze Plus, for being the focus of its graphic insistence on "inclusion" and in all of the unique ways you have related to it.  And a special heart-felt thank you for believing in me.  Your physical beauty is surpassed only by the beauty of your enthusiasm.

Warm regards,

Ellen B Pascal