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Independent Quebec Fashion Designer Pierre Poisson


Independent Quebec Fashion Designer Pierre Poisson

Ellen Pascal

My dream of creating an online Quebec plus-size fashion "portal" is being realized even quicker than I had imagined.  On Tuesday of this week, I had the rare pleasure of collaborating with an independent Quebec designer and his sumptious and unique fashion collections.  I have also had the pleasure to witness the evolution of a French-Canadian amateur fashion model of extraordinary beauty.  Since our first fashion editorial introducing her to the Quatorze Plus audience, Marilyne has grown in both grace and confidence before the camera.  What beautiful fashion for Marilyne to show this stunning new maturity.  It now is incumbent upon me to harness my resources to capture the art generated by our collaboration, to develop that photography to best represent the artistic alchemy of that collaboration and to manipulate the web platform to showcase this collaboration for you, our online audience.  What a glorious project.  Pierre Poisson is coming to Quatorze Plus....will we see you there?  

Ellen Beverley Pascal