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Who is Ellen B Pascal?

Ellen B Pascal, plus fashion blogger, publicist, plus fashion Montreal, la mode plus, blogue de mode plus, 


Plus Since Adolescence...

I'm so happy I have your attention.  Here's something you should know about me...  

I'm a native Montrealer who photographs, researches and writes about Montreal plus fashion, in English and in French.  Spanish will come in the near future.    

My preoccupation with fashion began in adolescence.  In 1970 I was a cashier at Betty Shoes on Ste-Catherine Street.  In that same year, when the minimum wage was only $1.35 an hour, Betty Shoes sold imported leather cross-body handbags for $125.

Since 1970, I have worked in cosmetics and in plus fashion, in Canada as well as the US, in department stores and with specialty retailers.  And I had way too much fun not to share.  

On May 24, 2016, I returned to Montreal after 18 years in San Jose, California and 8 years in Ottawa, Ontario, this time fluent in Spanish as well as French.

I've been "plus" since adolescence, so I know exactly what challenges plus women face in the marketplace.    

In 2017, an intuitive photographer handed me this Sony A7 II camera and urged me to explore.  Quatorze Plus is a focus on Montreal plus fashion, as captured through the lens of this Sony camera.  

Email me.  Seriously.